Washington Square Psychiatry & TMS offers individualized approaches to medication-resistant depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders

Over the past few years, we have found that TMS has been the missing element for our treatment-resistant depression patients, bringing many of them the relief they have always sought.

TMS is not a stand alone treatment. We collaborate with your psychotherapist and/or psychiatrist to provide you with treatment services in addition to the services you already receive. If you currently do not have a therapist or psychiatrist, we can refer you to such services.

As many of our patients have been treatment resistant for quite some time, it is important to understand that TMS does NOT entirely replace medications for many patients, but often may allow for significantly lower dosages of maintenance medications. As well, we have found that TMS, unlike many antidepressant medications, often effectively addresses anhedonia (a diminished sense of pleasure). Once the anhedonia has improved, patients are more capable of benefiting from their psychotherapy.

Several studies listed on our TMS Research List page demonstrate peer reviewed findings in which full and durable recovery lasting over a year was achieved by over 60% of individuals who received TMS, along with medication for maintenance and relapse prevention.

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