Shelly Menolascino, MD, ABPN, ASCP, is a board-certified psychiatrist with certification in advanced psychopharmacology. Dr. Menolascino completed her psychiatric residency in NYC at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in 1992. She has been involved in multiple community advocacy and treatment programs, including co-founding and supervising the Stress Reduction Clinic at Saint Vincent’s Medical Center in lower Manhattan for those suffering in the aftermath of 9/11. Dr. Menolascino has been a governing board member of the Clinical TMS Society since 2016, regularly attends meetings for the Society for Neuroscience, the International Society for Bipolar Disorders, and the Clinical TMS Society.

With over 25 years of private practice experience in Greenwich Village New York City, Dr. Menolascino is known for her precise and expert treatment of bipolar and unipolar recurrent mood disorders, as well as PTSD. She is an avid investigator in the evolving fields of electrical brain circuitry and psychiatric genetics, leading to the development of specific clinical interventions in response to a patient’s unique psychiatric genetics and brain network dynamics, including neuromodulaton and integrative modalities. Her insights have paved the way for patients to better understand and address their own afflictions, helping them and their family members put their illness into a larger perspective of how these afflictions are often genetically inherited, alleviating individuals of the personal guilt often associated with these illnesses.



Mitchell Belgin, MBA, RDMS, develops and directs our TMS services. With credentials from SUNY Downstate Medical Center’s College of Health Related Professions in Diagnostic Imaging Technology, and over 30 years of expert echocardiographic diagnostic technology experience, Mitch brings a wealth of technical and diagnostic expertise to the practice. He has obtained specific TMS training from Harvard Medical School’s TMS program and regularly participates in ongoing state-of-the-art TMS education seminars and training. He regularly attends and assists professional neuroscience gatherings such as the Society for Neuroscience, the Clinical TMS Society, NYC City College’s annual Neuromodec meetings and local neuromodulation conferences.

With over 18,000 treatments, Mitch is one of the most experienced TMS practitioners in NYC. Developing approaches to neuromodulation and concomitant technologies are continuously being explored for integration into our practice. 

Ryan Honeck brings his disparate experiences from working in an inpatient psychiatric hospital along with assisting neurostimulation research as one of our TMS technologists. He is currently a Masters of Public Health candidate at Columbia University, where he focuses on psychiatric disorders and suicide.