“Since I was 13, I suffered from chronic depression and anxiety. I’ve had negative ruminations since age 17. I took many types of different medications, along with constant therapy, to ameliorate my symptoms, but none have ever really worked that well. They only worked well enough for me to function adequately, and they never really worked consistently. Since I began TMS treatments, I’ve had my first glimpses of what it feels like to feel “normal” since that young age. I’ve been able to put all my negative ruminations in the background, and feel relieved from my depression.”
- Teacher, 46 years old


“After about a month of daily treatments, I felt considerable improvement. I’m very grateful to Dr. Menolascino and all her staff. Everybody is friendly and willing to help. I felt very lucky as well that my TMS treatments were covered by Medicare.”
- Physicist, 55 years old


“After my last ECT treatment, I lost memories of all my travels. During my depressive episodes, I would wake up every morning with a cloud of terror before me. TMS treatments made that terror go away completely. I never would have thought it was possible.”
- Psychologist, 86 years old


“I was unable to attend to tasks at work, unable to motivate, unable to complete projects. After my treatments with TMS, I was able to concentrate at work, focus on my job, and for the first time in a very long time, feel happy again. I don’t remember ever feeling this well.”
–Attorney, 70 years old


“I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Menolascino. I’ve suffered for many years with the symptoms of depression and anxiety, and was in a pretty bad place when I first started with her. I’d been on medication combinations of some sort for about 20 years, with varying degrees of success. Inevitably though, I would eventually return to the same depressive headspace. One day Dr. Menolascino recommended I try TMS. I was a little skeptical and a little afraid of the procedure at first, having tried so many different and novel treatments. The result of this treatment, however, was surprising to me. I have to say, TMS is perhaps the only thing that has been able to quiet the endless cycling of depressive thoughts.”
- Musician, 45 years old